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About Us

Tiba (Mohsen Tighbakhsh), Iranian artist, was born in 1968 in Tehran, Iran.

He grew up in a family of the Iranian middle class. His father worked as an employee and devoted his free time to the family and his passion for art. Early on, Tiba found an enthusiasm for his father’s paintings and tried to imitate him with his little fingers. Tiba discovered the fun in dealing with the brush and its gliding on the “magic” canvas and reached with 6 to the brush.

But also theater gave him great pleasure. He used to writhe own pieces for the school theater, with wich he won a regional and national best price in the school theater competition.

1979, a brutal and unexpected exchange rate occurred in Iran. An Islamic theocracy regime replaced a constitutional monarchy. Very soon there was state arbitrariness and unpredictability towards cultural and artistic workers.

His first confrontation with the new political system was experienced in 1980 when he presented his first juvenile nude drawing in his school class. Because of this “sinful and immoral” art, he was banned from the school.

Shortly thereafter, the Iran-Iraq war broke out. From now on, everything was only about the “holy” war. The revolutionary wave overthrew the population. Like many others, the young Tiba was manipulated and joined with 13 to Iran’s paramilitary militia (Basij).

The authorities recognized his artistic talent and they used it again and again. He was often ordered to paint the face of the revolutionary leader.

Tiba starts tattooing on animal skin. He also masters these skills so well that he opened his first tattoo studio .
in Berlin in 2006 and after only a short time he was able to establish himself in the scene. To this day, his Tattoo Studio in Berlin Charlottenburg is one of the best places for numerous celebrities and tattoo friends.

He effortlessly transitions from the abstract to the figurative and depicts characters and situations from everyday life and pop culture.

In recent years, he dealt with a new idea. He worked hard on a world-wide rare concept that he created .
himself. A combination of drawing, painting and tattooing, all on rare and handwoven kilims.

He uses his years of experience in the world of kilim rugs and connects worlds together. You can see from Picture to Picture the development. After a period of self-discovery, Tiba finally finds his unmistakable style.

In his final works, Tiba connects spirals with lines. Thus, he develops a completely new art technique.

“The Spiralist” was born.     

And he still wants to go on and does not stop perfecting his technique. He is constantly looking for
new ideas that he can realize on kilim carpets.

For Tiba, painting is a means of getting back to himself. He sees it as a form of spirituality, like an invitation to see the world from another dimension and not to orient himself to a “normal” way of thinking.
In this way, he approaches the topics that affect him, such as the Orient and the Occident, nature and the war, but also the relationship with the media and people and various cultures and their stories.

Over the years he has steadily honed his ideas and styles. The time has come now. His works are now numerous and ready for the public.

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